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Well Wishes

I sincerely wish Ryntih Sports & Cultural Club success and good luck on their onward aspiring journey that they emerge winners in all their aims and objectives. Honestly, I am delighted to learned that RYNTIH doesn’t own by any individual owner but it is a community base club, run and manage by the Seng Samla and the community of Mawlai Mawdatbaki. I can well understand the adversity, the struggle that the club had gone through to reach to this level, this is possible because of the energetic involvement of each club member. Your dedication and commitment is indeed exemplary, this is one of the biggest achievement that you already had on the path to success. I firmly believe the enthusiastic RYNTIH will nurture, optimize hidden talents right from the grassroots and take football to the next level in the region. To reach the targeted milestone we will be push to the limit and there will be testing times ahead but there is always light at the end of the tunnel. We must stay strong, motivated and passionate, believe in ourselves and finally you will never walk alone, we will walk & work together.

Shri. Shemphang Lyngdoh
Managing Director
Orange Nissan, Shillong