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Well Wishes

I’m pretty amazed at how a Local Youth Organization can empower themselves into forming a Sports Club that has etched its way into the highest realm of professional Football in the country. Ryntih Sports and Cultural Club, being a Community based Football Club is leveraging on the innate potentials of the local youth, by scouting them, nurturing them, to reach the highest level of professionalism in Football.
I can say that the underlining motto of this Club is “Go Local, Aim Global”, and that’s how best Ryntih Sports and Cultural Club, a Community based organization can empower our talented youths and act as a fillip towards achieving their best.
I wish Ryntih Sports and Cultural Club the very best and may they be more empowered to take up new challenges towards achieving their desired goal and purpose.

Shri. Peter Passah
Block Development Officer (BDO)
Mylliem Block