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Well Wishes

I am thrilled with much joy and happiness to share in jubilation, the wonderful achievements of RYNTIH SPORTS & CULTURAL CLUB in recent time. It is history for the club after struggling through odds, stress and strain and financial hurdles that almost dampen the spirits of our youth for the last 25 years.

As a bolt from the blue, the Heaven opens up and fresh blood dripping down early last year and RYNTIH SCC suddenly broke the silence and made herculean jumps to an unbelievable height beyond expectation. Wow! You Samla Wallamkupar Kharpran, leading from the front with your energetic lieutenants and your soccer warriors toiling tirelessly on the field, you all have performed magic. With crowns as CHAMPIONS among local challengers at Laitkseh and Wahiajer, you missed by a whisker as Champion at Bharat Ratna Dr. Ambedkar Memorial Tournament in Assam. Still a Runners-Up, not at all bad or rather laudable and worthy of big applause. Finally, Hurray! My lads, you’ve conquered and lifted the coveted Champion Trophy of the 9th All-India Chief Minister’s Gold Cup International Football at Sikkim. It’s really wonderful and excellent. You are the darling of our indigenous community. No words to express my sincere felicitation and appreciation. Lat’s just cheer you up, and be proud of. You justifiable deserve AIFF recognition.

Less I forget, many, many thanks to Mr. P.M. Lamare, the sponsor. A mystery moves your kind and benevolent big heart. Had not for your generosity and immense financial support, RYNTIH SCC would not have seen the dawn of the glorious moments. God bless you.

You young folks keep your zeal for soccer and your spirits of devotion, hard work and dedication always burning and look up to Heaven and the Almighty God will surely do the rest that’s worrying you.
With sincerest greetings and the very best wishes.


Shri. Bester Rose Kharmujai
For & On behalf of Mawdatbaki Local Durbar