About Ryntih

     There was a time when numerous young talented footballers of Mawdatbaki Village were neglected and deprived of their passion and love for the game - although only a few have been presented with the opportunity of representing a reputed Football Club in the city of Shillong. The idea of providing the youths of our community a platform to showcase their talents and to be able to compete at the highest level led to the foundation of the Club by the wise elders of the Local Durbar in the early part of the year 1987. This initiative by our leaders excited and thrilled every sport loving individual and became a platform for the ones who were passionate about the beautiful game of football.

     The Club's founding fathers wanted to name the Club "The Eleven Jewels", but due to the prevailing social unrest in the state as a whole and in Shillong in particular, the move did no bear fruition. Yet, the ambitious youths of Mawdatbaki strived tirelessly to achieve this aim to form a Football Club when the situation in the state took a positive route and normalcy prevailed. Consequently, the Seng Samla Mawlai Mawdatbaki, a non-profitable youth social welfare organization of the locality also shouldered this dream and together formed the Ryntih Sports Club in the year 1990 with the motive to encourage and support the less fortunate players with the opportunity to compete at a distinguished level. The objective of the Club was to emphasize on the promotion of sporting activities and providing young talents with the exposure in a bigger platform, particularly the game of football.

     Initially, the club faced a ton of hardships and difficulties to even get affiliated to the Shillong Sports Association but in-spite of all the trials and tribulations, the club was finally able to attain its ambition, primarily due to the Headman of the Local Dorbar of Mawdatbaki, Mr. W. S. Lyngdoh, to whom the Club shall forever be grateful, for it was his leadership and support which boosted the morale of all the associates to march ahead towards all the possibilities of achieving its goal. The President of the Seng Samla at the time, Mr. H. S. Lyngdoh and the then General Secretary, Mr. S. Dkhar along with their team of passionate members together worked in tandem with the Local Dorbar/Dorbar Shnong of Mawlai Mawdatbaki left no stone unturned in completion and accomplishment of the process of affiliation to the SSA and other related matters in the year 1991. The club made its debut in competitive football in the Third Division Tournament of the Shillong Sports Assiciation. Mr. S. Dkhar as President and Mr. L. Kharbuli as Secretary were in the helm of affairs at the time. The Ryntih Sports & Cultural Club also completed its registration to the Registration of Societies under the Society Registration Act in the year 1998 which has helped echo the name of the Club to different parts of the state.

     Interestingly, financial matters pertaining to the expenses for management of the Club has been very ingenious; whereupon the Dorbar Shnong has also always made a generous contribution to support the cub, as it had bestowed on the Club the promotion of Sporting Activities among the lads in the locality. In addition, generous well-wishers and patrons of the club have always lend their helping hand to enhance the Club and also for its sustainability.

Our Vision

To be a Global Sports Club in various disciplines and to nurture and tune budding young enthusiasts into Sportspersons of the finest quality.

Our Mission

To provide state of the art training and development and to encourage commitment, integrity and discipline on and off the field.

The following are the incumbents of the post of President and Secretary of the Ryntih Sports & Cultural Club hitherto:-

# Year President
1 1989-1991 Mr. Hermot Singh Lyngdoh
2 1991 Mr. Smaller Dkhar
3 1995-1996 (Late) Mr. Regional Kharmujai
4 1997-1998 Mr. Vincent Nongdhar
5 1998 Mr. Winsislous Warlarpih
6 1999-2004 Mr. Lumsyntiew Lyngdoh Nongpiur
7 2005-2006 (Late) Mr. Remington Lyngdoh
8 2007-2012 Mr. Kordor Kurbah
9 2013 - Till date Mr. Wallam Kupar Kharpran

# Year Secretary
1 1989-1991 Mr. Smaller Dkhar
2 1991 Mr. Levingstone Kharbuli
3 1995-1996 Mr. Ryngksai Lyngdoh
4 1997-1998 Mr. Donkupar Mawlieh
5 1999 Mr. Larry Kharpran
6 2000-2005 Mr. Willian Star Chyne
7 2005-2006 (Late) Mr. Siemborn Manik Syiem
8 2007-2012 Mr. Franky Massar
9 2013 Mr. Franky Massar
10 2013-2018 Mr. Kenny Mukhim
11 2018 - Till date Mr. Manbha Kupar Khongwir